Does your school have management system software
(ERP system)?

Educational institutions are becoming increasingly complex and are not limited to delivering education alone. They are dealing with a lot of activities like admissions, placements, finance management, library management, hostel management and many other internal and external processes. Henceforth it goes without saying that these educational institutions need an integrated system.

Our School Management software can manage all or some of the features below, according to your need:

1. Admission Process

2. Fee Collection

3. Academics

4. Examination results, reporting and sending a report.

5. Finance & Accounting (F&A)


7. Payroll

8. Procurement & Inventory

9. Student

10. Faculties/Employees

11. Attendance (Student/Staff)

12. Manage Subjects

13. Timetable (Automatic and Manual)

14. Performances

15. Discipline

16. Library

17. Hostel

18. Cafeteria/Canteen

19. Transport

20. ID card generation

21. Appraisal for Staffs

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