Our Client List

Lenny hotel - Geita, Tanzania.
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Lorenzo Lodge
Website: Book Now

Cosmo Link Co Ltd
Website: www.cosmolink.co.tz

Falcon Safaris and Air ticketing
Website: www.falconsafaris.co.tz

European University of Lefke
Website: www.eul.edu.tr/en

Jambo Rooms
Website: www.jamborooms.net

Gambo Palace Hotel
Website: wwww.gambopalacehotel.com

University of Mediterranean Karpasia
Website: www.akun.edu.tr

Happy Makers
Website: www.happymakers.or.tz

Han's worldwide Services co ltd
Website: www.hansworldwide.co.tz

Enriching Maasai Foundation
Website: www.enrichingmaasai.or.tz

Rotham Law Chamber
Website: www.rothamlawchamber.co.tz

Kifaru Youth & Children Centre
Website: www.kifaruyouth.org

Mahsa University
Website: www.mahsa.edu.my

Wakawaka Adventures
Website: www.wakawakaadventures.com

Galago Tours
Website: www.galagotours.com

Website: www.kkceamc.or.tz

Foreplan Tanzania Limited
Website: www.foreplan.co.tz

Loiborsoit Training Institute
Website: www.loiborsoittraininginstitute.ac.tz

Dar-Es-Salaam Baptist secondary school
Website: www.dbss.ac.tz

Gwegenyeza Secondary School
Website: www.gwegenyeza.ac.tz

Lombeta Secondary School
Website: www.lombetass.ac.tz

Ebeneza Maasai Children Center.
Website: www.maasaichildren.or.tz

St Mark's Secondary School-Dsm
Website: www.stmarkssecondary.ac.tz

Toangoma Seconday School
Website: www.toangomasecondary.sc.tz

Truth Ministry International
Website: www.truth-ministry.org

Veritas Extended School
Website: www.veritasextended.ac.tz

Ambassador Schools
Website: www.ambassadorschools.ac.tz

What Our Clients Says

CEO - Wakawaka Adventures
" At first I didn’t believe and I decided to proceed with my old ways of marketing. Now I thank Kiliedu Inbound marketing Agency for showing me the Inbound marketing strategy as I now see the results of my marketing. "

MD - Lorenzo Lodge
"Thank you Kiliedu…..May God bless you. "